Huffman Baptist Church
Sunday, March 24, 2019


Young Adult 3 (25-40 something)
Teachers: Del Allen and Linda Bryant
Teaching Style: Discussion and lecture
Class Gender: Coed
Class description: A diverse class by age, with lively discussion about biblical book studies. Mostly couples but some singles and several whose spouses do not attend. Discussions are based on a book study. The membership is eager to meet new people and serve the Lord. Many class members are active in ministries within the church. The objective of the class is to grow in love for the Lord and understand him better. Each discussion is preceded by a time of prayer requests and fellowship. Several social activities are held during the year.
Young Adult 2 (40 something-late 50’s)
Teacher: Johnny Eldridge
Teaching style: Discuss and lecture
Class Gender: Coed (Married and singles)
Class description: The members of this class enjoy worshipping and fellowshipping with other Christian brothers and sisters. The members enjoy a close relationship of love and concern for each other. Each Sunday morning, the participates experiences a time of learning and worshipping. Prayer time is observed in order to lift up praises and troubles to our Heavenly Father.
Some of the activities of our class include, a monthly “Ladies Night Out”, a quarterly supper for all members a to various restaurants, various fellowship meetings and mission projects, and a Christmas Party/Celebration.
As a class we are committed to missions and outreach programs of our church. We also have our own class Christmas Mission Project entirely funded by our class.
Please come and join us for a wonderful opportunity to worship and grow as Christians in service to our Lord.
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