Huffman Baptist Church
Friday, August 23, 2019

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Huffman Baptist Church
We believe that all strategies are unique to a specific time and space in history,
and believing that God has asked us to remain at 700 Huffman Road
to be a positive witness to the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ,
we have developed a plan of action.
This plan of action is prefaced by the belief that every follower of Jesus Christ
is a missionary and that every place is a mission field.
We have formally adopted the ActsOne’08 Challenge,and are fleshing
this out as we move beyond our 100th Anniversary in 2008, into this
second decade of the 21st Century! We have focused on discovering the needs for
the church and community, and on matching the needs of our church and
community with individuals and/or groups who can meet those needs.
Further, the ActsOne’08 Challenge plan includes our continuing to cultivate
a missionary culture throughout our church, training missionaries to send into our
communities to offer the “life that is really life” in Jesus Christ, trusting that people
will stop for help and hope on their way to eternity.
This strategy has three pathways (or journeys) and is called
Three Journeys and One Heart.” The three journeys are as follows:
INWARD – developing a missionary heart, OUTWARD – creating missionary
relationships, and finally ONWARD – acting with a missionary purpose.
We believe that this journey provides an anchor that directly links us to our
foundational dream, yet raises our sails of willingness to go wherever the
“wind of the Spirit” takes us in the 21st Century.